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Plunge With a Porpoise


All of the advice and services that you need for your small or large business, none of the fluff. Get result based marketing, social media, digital service, human resource, hiring, METRC, and start-up advice from the heart of the cannabis industry. Front start-ups just taking the plunge, to companies who have been around the block trying to keep their head above water. We serve solution with a purpose.

Make it Count

Serious Solutions for Serious Businesses

We believe in offering solutions that work, both large and small scale. We believe in applying the expertise of someone who has done it before to the job. Just because your retail manager took a web design class doesn’t mean he should develop your site. Just because your senior salesperson applied for the job originally, doesn’t mean they should hire the their successor. We’ve got the expertise, and we’re willing to share. From inside the industry industry, Meet the Porpoise.


Marketing & Business Development

Ever wonder why the other companies are getting ahead and you aren’t? We know why, and we’ll help you beat them. From internal analysis to sales strategy development, we’ve counted our flaws and kicked down doors.  From wholesaling flower to baking edibles, we’ve bought and sold, baked and ate. From product design to product development, we know what they want and how to make it. Stay ahead of the curve in your business, whatever that may mean.


We can help you with all the crazy acromyns that are coming your way including the MED, OSHA, DOR, CDPHE and METRC. Find more about how we can help you with those below.

Sales – Direct & Indirect

Don’t waste time with different sales tactics. We’ve already spent 1000s of hours trying to get to the right person, and know how to navigate different situations, companies, and tactics to meet with the correct person. From guiding your sales, to directing your sales and a microscopic level, we’ve already seen mistakes made and cultivated the right relationships.

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Handmade Quality

Built By Cannabis Industry Employees

Our group has worked over 15 years in the Colorado cannabis industry across 7+ companies including Native Roots, Jett Cannabis, DOPE Magazine, Good Meds, MIG, Sensi Media, Strainwise, Julie’s Natural Edibles, LucidMood and more. We’ve watched the cannabis industry grow and evolve over the past 4 years in Colorado in both the recreational and the medical markets. We’ve seen what you should definitely not do, as well as what you should do. We’ve seen excessive growth and crumbling initiatives.

If you want honest, straightforward answers on how to make your business successful, you’ve come to the right place. We’re all customers and employees, so we know how to acquire and keep both.

Your Business Needs Expertise

Marketing. Sales. Compliance. HR. Business Development.

Human Resources

Private Headhunting. Job Search. Training.




Training. Direct. Incoming. Invoicing.


Social Media. Digital Media. PR.